One Piece 1073 Official Spoiler, Stussy Beat Lucci! S Hawk Shock with Zoro Power

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This One Piece 1073 spoiler, Stussy against Rob Lucci. (Instagram
This One Piece 1073 spoiler, Stussy against Rob Lucci. (Instagram

URBAN JOGJA - This is little spoiler about One Piece 1073 that has been shared by leakers with the title of Miss Buckingham Stussy chapter.

The cover for One Piece 1073 features Vegapunk making peace equipment (a kind of tank that catapults flowers), while Caesar, Judge, and Queen appear disgusted.

Further in this chapter, starting with the end of 1072, Rob Lucci attacks Lucci but fails.

From the one Piece 1073 spoiler, it was revealed that what he attacked was an illusion. Stussy uses a variation of the Kami-e or paper art technique called 'Remaining Body'.

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When she confuses Lucci with an illusion, Stussy uses her lipstick containing Kairouseki in it to weaken the former Galley-La employee.

The trick is to stick Lipstick in the direction of Rob Lucci, like the way Smoker uses Jitte. Then Stussy bit Lucci and put her to sleep like a stiff.

The reader eventually learns the mysterious figure talking to Vegapunk is Stussy, and it was not Vegapunk's intention to make Stussy an agent of CP0.

Stussy is unable to give orders to Seraphim not to attack because it does not work, as he is on the same level as Lucci in the 'hierarchy of authority'.

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Lilith and Edison came out of 'Labo'. S-Hawk attacks Lilith before she can give the order to stop, but Zoro stops her mini Mihawk.

Zoro fights against S-Hawk for several panels (no new attacks are issued, only one major clash). S-Hawk shock confronts Zoro's power.

On the other hand, S-Shark attacks Edison when he gives the order for Seraphim to stop, but Sanji saves him.

Then Edison managed to give orders to the mini Shichibukai and all the Seraphim stopped.


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